Zedplane has taken part in many European reserach activities particularly in application of natural interaction for medical and gaming applications using motion recognition.

Our team has been engaged in motion based interfaces and multi-sensor systems since 2002 where we collaborated on the first camera based interaction system in EU project HUMODAN. The system allowed capturing hand motions using a two-camera system. The hand motions were translated into mouse movement on the screen allowing game control on the screen. This was integrated into a game which was recorded and broadcast on Spanish TV.

Since then Zedplane has worked with both camera and motion based interaction systems for practical applications. In 2008 and during our collaboration in CAALYX EU project, we developed a motion based system based on Nintendo Wii controller (Wiimote) which allowed older people interact with a medical system at home using the Wii controller while collecting data from wireless medical sensors. The game like interface allowed intuitive interaction with Telehealth applications allowing vital signs monitoring, physician interaction and secure communication.

We utilised deep understanding of psychology of natural interaction and our experience in open source community projects to support a low cost and sustaintable activity. Grounded with such expertise we have developed innovative technologies to deliver tools to improve interaction and communication for sectors of the society which are not considered main stream and fallen in the gaps of digital divide.

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